Product Marketing

Not enough hours in a day

At Lux Agencies we pride ourselves at offering quality marketing efforts accompanied by our ability to wear many hats in order to give our clients the best option for branding, media relations, product recognition, and full scale strategies that work for the maximum ROI (Return on Investment) money can't buy. We specialize in strategic techniques we have used personally for our own brands, in order to get the most possible coverage for little to no additional cost to our clients.

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Social Media Optimization

Does Twitter make you feel like a bird brain?

Companies that do not have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or social marketing plans of any kind may find themselves in the dust when it comes to their competition. Social media is more than just watching silly cat videos and being a Twit head. There are businesses that build their entirely on the use of social media marketing. These companies are making 6 figures plus per quarter just because they took the plunge and decided to give web 2.0 a try.

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Search Engine Optimization

Getting stuck in traffic is never fun.

Are you having trouble finding your website in search engines? Chances are so are your potential customers. Let us do the hard work for you. SEO is constantly changing and in order to make it to the first page on a google search you really need to know your stuff, and stay consistent and up to date.

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Want to do it in house? We can help

When running a business having someone on the payroll that knows what they are doing rather than paying an agency off site can be a much more viable option. Although we prefer a hands on approach for our clients we are not adverse to the idea of working with you to develop a winning strategy and showing you or your staff how to implement it.

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"Lux Agencies have provided our company with a multitude of competent product reviews and press releases of our high-end heatsinks and fans. Their assisted coverage contributed to our brand recognition and helped us market our products proficiently."
Jakob Dellinger, Noctua


Lux Agencies, headed by Justin Desjardins, is a well respected firm in the marketing industry. Our tried and tested techniques come from experience. We run multiple businesses successfully using the same industry contacts, affiliates, and methods which means when you work with us we will never gamble on something we have not already tried ourselves successfully.
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President: Justin Desjardins

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